What is Chiropractic?

Dr. Brenon providing a demonstrationLet’s keep it simple! – There is nothing mysterious about the basis of chiropractic. It’s a natural method of healing by removing any interference in your body that is keeping the nerves from working properly. This could include, joints, muscles, or inflammation.

Nerves control everything in your body! They are the “telephone wires that allow your body to communicate with itself. Proper communication is necessary for healing!

Chiropractic focuses on finding and correcting the cause of conditions, rather than just treating the symptoms. In our current health care system, most people wait until they have symptoms before they go to the doctor. If you wait until you have symptoms the disease or dis-ease has been in your body for some time. Symptoms are a very poor way to measure someone’s health.

Doctors of chiropractic practice wellness and prevention care. Chiropractors focus on building your health by educating you on all aspects of health such as nutrition, exercise, and your nervous System.